Artist's Statement

I paint for myself. I find light, color, movement, and atmosphere, fascinating. How to portray these in my paintings is my constant challenge. I delight in never-ending discoveries, learning new things in the pursuit of my art, and exploring the wonders of different art media.

Watercolor or aquarelle is very frequently my medium of choice. I delight in the unpredictability and luminescence of color pigment and water, united in capturing the essence or chi of flowers, plants, creatures, and locales of nature, which are my favorite subjects.

Free-style brushwork is perceived in almost all of my work. I paint with a characteristic freedom but wield my brush with the discipline that I learned from my mentors. I adhere to the ancient saying: "The beginning calls for courage; the end demands care." The adage implies that when painting, one should not be overcautious. As soon as sufficient thought has been given to the painting's composition, one should start to work with a will. Then, when working on the finishing touches, one should work as a gardener would, surveying the whole for overall unity and harmony.

Eileen Bondoc-Escueta graduated with a degree in AB Psychology, and found subsequent employment in the service of a substantial list of companies while pursuing a career in Human Resources Development. At present, she works as an HRD Consultant and Master Trainor with Development Dimensions International, Inc. She took her MBA academic studies at the Ateneo Graduate School of Business. She is married to Alfredo M. Escueta, and they have three children.